Darkness Comes in the Morning is about real people trying to make it through the post-Civil War period in the mountains of North Carolina and the struggles of their offspring to adapt to the twentieth century. Born just before the war, those early pioneers bequeathed to their children a stubborn Applachian culture and a fantastically beautiful place to live. Two of those gifted children did their best to adapt to the new times and to the new culture until an ancient menace interfered.Their lights shown brightly for a few years, but one summer morning the brightest of those lights flickered and went out. Darkness, indeed, came that summer morning, but new lights soon emerged from the darkness, sustained by that same, inherited Appalachian culture.

Reader’s Comments

“This book sure got Grandpa right! It really captures his personality.” Martha Justus Todd, Spurgeon Pace’s grandaughter, August 2012.

“Once I started reading it I could not put it down until I had finished reading the last page.” “Jeanie” Taylor Lindsey, Treasurer, Henderson County Genealogical and Historical Society Inc., August, 2012.


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